Why Chicago Newcomers Should Seriously Consider the West Loop 

Right now, the West Loop is one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods for home buyers.  And, it’s not hard to see why. From restaurants and nightlife to arts and culture, you just can’t ask for more!  This trendy neighborhood is so up-and-coming right now (though its roots run deep into Chicago’s past) that if you see something you like, real estate agents are encouraging home buyers to make an offer as soon as they decide to buy because properties are moving fast.  

For most Chicagoans, they only know this neighborhood as the once partially abandoned industrial district nicknamed Skid Row.  It used to be lined with meatpacking plants, dive hotels and boarded up buildings. But long gone are those days! The West Loop is now one of the friendliest, trendiest and most exciting places to be in all of Chicagoland.  So, just how did this once desolate and forgotten corner become the hottest home buyer’s market in town? Let’s take a closer look at all of the fantastic things that have homebuyers flocking in droves to this newly invigorated neighborhood:

  • High Profile Tech Companies – Major companies like Google and Twitter have made this area a most desired community.  And with neighbors like these, other high profile companies like Uber Technologies, Fieldglass, Rise Interactive and Signal have also flocked to the West loop to set up shop.  This has been a huge draw for young professionals and home buyers, which in turn has created a greater demand for local businesses that are all contributing to the massive spike in local economic growth.  
  • Restaurant Row – In the West Loop, you can try a new restaurant every night!  Randolph Street is so packed with local eateries that it’s earned the nickname Restaurant Row.  Chicago foodies say that if you wanted to try every single restaurant in the area, it would take nearly two months to make the delicious rounds.  
  • Flourishing Nightlife – Contrary to the neighborhood’s old nickname “the land of the living dead,” present day West Loop is bursting with excitement.  Today, the streets are filled with upscale bars and lounges bringing life, refined atmosphere and activity to the neighborhood.   
  • Art and Culture – There’s always a go-to place or event for a classy night out.  The West Loop is home to dozens of art galleries, and they are just as diverse as they are plentiful.  There are also venues that host live music and events, like Bottom Lounge and Union Park, where both local and national artists come to perform.
  • Fashion – The West Loop has quickly become home to some of the most exciting and trend-setting wears in all of Chicagoland.  Thanks to all of the big tech companies and new residents moving into the area, local designers and entrepreneurs are also opening up shop, bringing their unique boutiques and specialty stores to the neighborhood.  
  • Unique Architecture – One of the major selling points for West Loop homebuyers is the unique combination of industrial architecture and luxury condo amenities.  Though the meat packing plants of the past have been outsourced, the unique building style remains with many warehouses converted into sunny, airy spaces with lots of natural light and large windows.  So, whether you’re looking for that industrial style or something modern, you can find your perfect home in the West Loop.
  • Transportation – For residents of the West Loop, you never have to stress about commuting again, as you are well connected to the rest of Chicago through multiple L stations on the green, pink and blue lines.  There are also several bus lines that serve the area. And, if you prefer to cycle, you can easily bike into downtown.
  • Friendly Neighbors – This is one place where you will actually want to get to know and like your neighbors.  Residents of the West Loop have such a special, eclectic nature that makes for a very energetic vibe.  You’ll experience regular community events, street fairs and festivals that bring everyone together that really show off that neighborhood pride and sense of togetherness.

Though up-and-coming isn’t quite the right word for the West Loop, it’s thriving like never before with a future that burns bright for everyone, old and new to the area.  

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