10 Things a Buyers Agent Can Do for You

For a homebuyer working with a buyers agent, you only get to see a small peek at how much your real estate professional does for you.  There’s just so much that goes on behind the scenes. Your agent has a lengthy list of things that they do from the start of a real estate transaction to closing, all for you in the hope of securing your dream home.  

So, as you navigate your way through the home buying process with your agent, take a moment to appreciate all that they do.  And, if you’re not sure what all their job entails, here are just a handful of things that your buyers agent does for you to help you close a successful purchase:

  • Help You Secure a Mortgage – Your agent will assist you in finding the right lender to work with to secure a mortgage loan, and they will counsel you on how to work effectively with them.  
  • Narrow Down Your Search to the Right Properties and Locations – Your real estate agent will work to focus on properties that meet your wants and needs, including your price range.
  • Draft a Solid Offer – When you’re ready to put in an offer, your agent will ensure that your offer is a sound one that protects you while impressing the seller.
  • Negotiate a Fair Price – Experienced realtors know the value of what they are helping their clients buy.  So, it is their job to negotiate on your behalf to make sure that you don’t end up paying more than you should.
  • Attend the Inspection – Buyers’ agents should be present during the home inspection.  They should also be diligent in asking all of the right questions during the inspection about the condition of the home.
  • Negotiate Home Inspection Repair Requests – The negotiations don’t stop at the initial offer.  If there are any issues discovered during the home inspection, your agent will work on your behalf to negotiate with the seller to either get them to make the repairs or cover the cost of the repairs.  
  • Recommend Professionals – An experienced agent will be able to recommend highly reputable home inspectors, contractors, lenders, and other professionals to work with during the process.
  • Communication with Seller – You will be on the same page with the seller at all times thanks to your agent’s constant communication with them and in dealing with all pertinent information and transactions between each party.  
  • Monitor Your Mortgage Commitment – Your agent will keep tabs on the status of your mortgage and guide you through the process, what to do and what not to do, before your home loan is finalized.  
  • Help You Navigate the Escrow and Closing Process – There’s a lot that happens before a transaction closes, and that’s where your agent will really shine as they help you through the process as easily as possible.

As a buyer, you should have high expectations of your agent.  After all, you’re making one of the biggest purchases you may ever make in your lifetime.  So, make sure you hire someone you know you’ll be able to easily work with, who is experienced, knowledgeable and will get the job done for you.  

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