Top Amenities Chicago Homebuyers Are Looking For

When it comes to buying a new home, buyers typically go in with an idea of what they want.  They look at everything from the neighborhood to the cabinet fixtures. It’s a big deal, after all.  You’re not just buying a house; you’re buying into the surrounding community and a lifestyle. So, what is it exactly that home buyers are looking for these days?

Let’s take a look at some of the top neighborhood amenities that draw the most interest and desire:

Low Crime – This one’s a given, as everyone is going to seek out neighborhoods with the lowest crime rates.  No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home. That’s why every home buyer should (if they’re not already doing so) check the area crime reports before placing an offer.  You can check neighborhood stats by zip code and even set crime alerts for specific areas of interest. More than just looking online, take a walk around a neighborhood that you’d like to live in or speak directly with the community officer to get a better feel for safety in the area.     

Highly-Rated Schools – Families with children want to be near highly-rated schools, of course.  But, even those who don’t have children (and don’t plan to) want to be in these areas too.  They are just one of those neighborhood amenities that’s worth every penny because these areas tend to have lower crime rates.  These neighborhoods are often solid investments as well. Even if you decide to move in a few years, a good district will easily attract buyers looking to pay top dollar.    

Little Traffic and Low Noise Levels – This one’s also a given. No one really wants to live in a heavily trafficked area with excessive loud noise.  Aside from the fact that if you were to buy a home in an area such as this, it would likely only depreciate in value, you also have to think about how these pollutants would affect you personally.  Excessive noise means that you might lose essential sleep habits and quality which could lead to health problems. Heavy traffic also means that children might have a hard time playing outdoors.

Indoor and Outdoor Activity Spaces – These days, home buyers want access to more than just parks and green spaces for recreation.  They also want tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields, pools, gardens and even restaurants and pubs.  All of this is good for socialization as well as both your physical and mental well-being. Plus, all of these things add value to a home.   

Available Public Services – This community amenity is one that people often overlook but is nonetheless essential to all home buyers.  Things like having hospitals, police stations and fire departments nearby, accessible sidewalks, clean, well-manicured common spaces, etc. all play a significant role in creating a happy, safe and livable atmosphere.      

When looking for that perfect dream home, home buyers should keep in mind that a true home is more than just kitchen cabinets and paint colors.  Those things can easily be changed. But the neighborhood? That can’t be changed. So, know your priorities, and remember that a home is more than its fixtures.  You want that sense of community that you just can’t beat!

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