Tech Trends That Have Transformed the Chicago Real Estate Market

Technology has taken over just about everything that we touch these days, from shopping to dining, to working, to communicating. For the last several years, tech has also been revolutionizing the Chicago real estate market and how both buyers and sellers approach the market. The business has essentially flipped from night to day with some incredibly transformative tech trends that allow for easy navigation through this complicated business for a truly user-friendly experience.  Technology is changing the industry for the better, as we have access to more information than ever before to help guide us in making sound decisions that truly serve our best interest. Let’s take a look.

How Tech Has Changed the Chicago Real Estate Market

  • Power Browsing – Thanks to the power of high-speed Internet, web browsing has never been easier.  For everyone involved in the home buying and selling process, home listings have never been easier or more accessible.  Now, completely at your own convenience, you can search for your new home from the comfort of your couch, on-the-go while out shopping, in between meetings, on your lunch break, while on a road trip – absolutely anywhere (where there’s Internet access), anytime.  This is especially beneficial to those looking to relocate from out of town who have to navigate a new housing market from afar or simply for those with little time to spare for physically visiting each potential location, property, etc. 
  • Social Networking – In the past, word of mouth has always been an excellent way to create buzz around listings.  While still a viable option, digital social networking has taken this to a whole new level. Social media is no longer a simple designated platform where users go to socialize and play; it has become an essential part of real estate marketing strategies, as it can easily and quickly spread information about markets, listings, agents, etc. to persons of all ages and demographics, in all corners of the world instantaneously who may be in need of specific information.  Social sharing is the upgraded version of word-of-mouth marketing. Homebuyers, sellers, agencies, and the like can dictate their own listings or desires through shared, public posts along with links and photos. Users even have the ability to join specific real estate company groups through the various social platforms and can track their daily listings and information anytime, anywhere.  
  • Mobile Devices – Absolutely everything must be optimized for mobile use these days, from smartphones to tablets, as that’s where the majority of users are conducting their web searches.  Thanks to this trend and smartphone use, a whole new world and tool have opened up the real estate business. Not only do buyers, sellers, and agents have access to endless amounts of information in the palm of their hands, users have access to more apps than ever before that are catered to specific interests and needs.  Now, you can simply open up an app, narrow your search criteria, and with one click of a button all sorts of listings that meet your specific designations instantly pop up.

These on-the-go technologies and trends have made navigating the real estate market easier than ever before.  It’s the perfect motivating solution for both home buyers and sellers, as it gives them the freedom to explore at their own pace while helping them make more informed decisions that will, hopefully, ultimately lead to that perfect dream home.

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