How to Prepare and Secure Your Home for the Seasonal Change

Colder weather is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to prep and secure your home for the change of seasons. If there’s one truth about owning Chicago real estate, it’s that you never want to leave your property exposed to the elements. Finish up those last-minute maintenance projects to keep your home in top shape all year long. Here’s what we recommend adding to your to-do list:  

  • Doors and Windows – It’s important to check all of your home’s windows and doors to make sure they seal properly.  After all, the point is to keep the cold, frigid air out and the heat in. Make sure all weatherstripping is tight and secure, and check to see if anything needs to be re-caulked. 
  • Furnace – Now is the time to prepare your furnace, before you really need it.  Chicagoans know how quickly the weather can change, so make sure your furnace is ready to take on the harsh winter.  If you haven’t had a professional inspection lately, it’s smart to go ahead and make an appointment. If yours has been inspected, go ahead and give it a visual inspection on your own to see if anything looks out of order or the filter needs to be replaced before you turn it on for the winter. 
  • Fireplace – Be sure to clean out your fireplace, and inspect the flue to make sure the doors and shields are working properly.  And, if yours is heavily used, you might even consider having your chimney swept.
  • Lighting – Since the days will soon be shorter and darker, you’ll want to bring as much light into and around your home as possible.  You might consider adding lamps in darker spaces, both inside as well as outside, so that you have a clearly lit path to return home to after a long day away.  You can even accentuate natural light indoors, during the day, by cleaning your windows and blinds.
  • Gutters – Cleaning out the gutters should be a regular part of your home’s maintenance, as it can prevent all sorts of trouble down the road.  You’ll want to keep these clear so that they don’t get weighed down with debris that can cause damage. While you’re up there, give your roof a quick visual inspection.  You want to look out for possible damage to your home’s ventilation, shingles, and chimney – anything that could potentially become problematic once winter weather starts to move in. 
  • Driveway – The safety of your driveway is one of those afterthoughts that homeowners push back all too often.  But, it’s important to fix any major cracks in your driveway or concrete on your property. Not only will this up your curb appeal, it will keep the damage from expanding once the ice creeps in. 

By completing these simple prep tasks before the chill moves in, you’ll rest easier knowing that your home is prepared to face the harsh elements and keep you and your loved ones cozy and safe all winter long. 

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