Eco-Friendly Homes Chicago: What Home Buyers Should Look For

As modern technologies continue to develop and more scientific studies are presented to the public, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and are looking for eco-friendly homes.  Sustainable, energy efficient homes are specifically designed to make as little environmental impact as possible. It’s an inspiring trend in the world of real estate, as both buyers and sellers alike now hold the power to decrease their carbon footprint for a very real impact on, not just the market, but our beloved planet.

Eco-friendly homes are the future and, if you’re a home buyer, should be on your radar, as they are a sound investment that will yield a high return if and when you choose to sell.  From homes that incorporate solar power, to such green designs and features as energy efficient systems, appliances, and beyond, there are so many remarkable benefits that come with living in an eco-friendly home.  Let’s take a closer look:

  • Sustainability – Aside from the obvious technological advantage, more people are choosing “green” homes based on their own emotional beliefs.  Along with this, personal morals, ethics and values come into play, especially in regard to a person’s greater impact on their surroundings.  It is for these reasons that more people are investing in sustainable, eco-friendly properties. Owning a “green” home, powered by renewable energy, designed for energy-efficiency is something they can feel good about.  It’s an investment that goes beyond basic homeownership, as these homes allow owners to feel like they’re doing their part and living a lifestyle they can be proud of.
  • Savings – Eco-friendly homes are also enticing because of the savings that they can provide, and not just when it comes to sourcing sustainable and/or recycled materials for the build itself.  Sustainability means reduced carbon outputs, which often translates to a considerable reduction on energy use and the resulting monthly bills. In fact, a sustainable home can save consumers thousands of dollars each year.  Sustainable structures that are designed to include things like high-efficiency appliances and housing systems (e.g. dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, thermostats, cooling and heating systems, etc.), for instance, require less power and therefore use less billable energy.  Then, if you add in the use of renewable energy sources like solar panels, where a home can help generate its own power, your monthly bills will continue to decrease.
  • Health – This benefit often comes as a surprise, but for those looking to live their best and healthiest lives, eco-friendly homes are well-worth the investment, as they’re able to maintain and generate better indoor air quality and so much more.  This is because sustainable properties are constructed with green, non-carcinogenic building materials. From the paint on the walls to the ventilation systems, these homes are specifically designed to decrease exposure and inhalation of harmful toxins.  Those who move into eco-friendly homes often find that they experience improved respiratory health as well as other overall health benefits.
  • Resale Value – If you’re living in an eco-friendly home with sustainable features, your investment is only going to grow in value over time, especially as more and more people become more environmentally conscious.  Now is the time to get on board, as this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

Sustainability can benefit and inspire absolutely everyone, and investing in an eco-friendly, sustainable home benefits more than just you and your loved ones.  These homes benefit your neighbors, our communities, and our planet.  The overall financial, environmental, and health benefits are absolutely undeniable.  So, consider making your next home a “green” home, and start living your best life, today.  


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