Preparing Your Home for Showing (and a Quick Sale)

For anyone who is anxiously ready to put their home on the market, this post is for you!  The process of selling a home can be quite drawn out sometimes. There are always so many factors at play, some of which will be out of your control.  There are some aspects of showing a home that you do control, however, and we are going to share those tips with you here. With any luck, you’ll be much better prepared for that first showing and make a very quick sale.  

Preparing Your Home for Showing

  • Declutter – Yes, decluttering your home is an obvious tip, but a huge factor, nonetheless.  Before you even think about scheduling showings, you’ll need to go through absolutely everything in your home.  Go through your closets, drawers, garage, etc., and sort through all of the things that you’re going to keep and all of the things that you’re getting rid of.  The most important trick here is to be super picky because remember, whatever you decide to keep you’ll later have to pack and move (hopefully quickly).
  • Sell and Donate – You’ll want to do this step far in advance of any showing (perhaps before even listing) so that there’s no leftover clutter in your home.  Sell off or donate all of your unwanted items, but again, be picky.
  • NeutralizeThis is another major step you should take before showing.  When people walk into your home, you don’t want anything to distract them from the actual space.  This means neutralizing absolutely everything from odors to paint colors. You don’t want to overwhelm their senses.  Paint bright walls a neutral color. Remove any loud, bold, taste-specific décor or furniture from your home so that potential buyers can really envision themselves living there.  Consider putting out some neutral pillows, throws, and other tasteful décor so the home still appears cozy and inviting. You’ll also want to pack away any family photos that are out.
  • Deep Clean – Deep clean your entire home after you declutter and neutralize.  This means scrubbing those baseboards, dusting ceiling fans, scrubbing the floors, cleaning closets, shampooing the carpets, etc.  Potential buyers will be checking every nook and cranny, so make sure everything is show-ready, and don’t forget about the garage.   
  • Repair – Make all necessary repairs to your home.  Patch any holes, paint any chipped areas, make sure all doors and cabinets work properly.  Any sign of damage, whether big or small, can scare away a potential buyer.  
  • Keep Up the Yard – Don’t forget that curb appeal matters.  What a potential buyer sees from the outside is their first impression of your home, and first impressions often stick.  So, make sure you fix up the yard.  Keep the lawn trimmed, do the edging, and keep any shrubs or flowers healthy. The same goes for the backyard.  

Things to Keep in Mind on the Day of Your Showing or Open House

  • Rooms – Make sure all rooms are cleaned and your house is spotless.  Wipe down the counters and windows, clean the toilets and appliances, mop, vacuum, and double check every room before the potential buyers walk in.
  • Smell – Make sure the house smells good.  A warm inviting smell automatically gives off good vibes.  You can light a candle, use an air freshener or simply brew some fresh coffee to make it smell extra homey.   
  • Light – Good lighting really does make all the difference, so let the light in.  Open up the drapes and blinds to get that natural light flowing.  You might also want to turn on any pretty lights in your home to set the mood of being in a relaxing environment.   
  • Staging –  Stage your home before potential buyers come in to make it more appealing to their needs.  Remove unwanted items from sight, and keep things organized.  Consider adding small, homey pieces like throw pillows and accent décor around the home to really enhance your showing and set it apart from others.  
  • No Pets – If you have pets, make sure there is no sign of them in the house or in the yard.  Take them with you while your home is showing. Pets are distracting to buyers and may send up red flags to those who aren’t animal people.  
  • Music – If you really want to complete the relaxing, homey feel, have some music playing in the background during the showing.  Play something peaceful on low to set a happy, calm mood.  This can really change the way your home feels to a potential buyer.   

Follow these basic tips to ready your home and impress potential buyers during the showing, and you can drastically improve your chances of selling your home quickly and without stress.  

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