Top Real Estate Selling Secrets for Home Sellers in 2019

It’s not uncommon for sellers to feel like they’re a bit out of the loop when it comes to understanding the business of real estate. Some equate it to misinterpreting a foreign language or being left out of a joke – a joke that only their agent is in on. Actually, there is some truth to this.  

As Realtors, it is our job is to guide the transaction of buying and selling a home. So, while we may not clue you into every painstaking detail of the process, you can be confident that we have some pretty juicy selling secrets up our sleeves!  From staging to contracts, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most widely-used selling tips that you need to know.  

  • Don’t show an empty house – Unless you’ve had to vacate due to circumstance or timeline, you don’t want to show an empty home.  Empty rooms make spaces look much smaller than they actually are. When this happens, potential buyers aren’t able to see the potential of the home.  
  • Don’t worry about the clutter; take the last-minute appointments – While this may go against your instincts, the truth is that interested buyers aren’t actually looking at that cluttered corner; they’re looking at the space itself.  So, when your agent gets a last-minute call saying that someone wants to see your home in 10 minutes, take it! The potential buyer’s impulsive tendencies may actually lead to quicker decision making and ultimately the sale of your home.  
  • Clean countertops matter – While clutter may be more acceptable in other places around your home, the one place it does matter is on all counter surfaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, vanities, bars, etc.  Be sure to keep countertops clean and wide open so that potential buyers really know what kind of space they’re working with.
  • Focus on the smell – Just as no one wants to walk into a home smelling of mildew, pet odors, trash, etc., no one wants to walk into a home with the overpowering scent of air fresheners.  You don’t want anything that can overwhelm the senses, as this distracts from what they’re there to see – your home. Keep things simple, clean and fresh, even opt for the comforting smell of fresh baked goods.    
  • Open houses are more about the agent than the seller – While, yes, open houses can lead to interested buyers, the fact is that these are really designed for one thing – networking.  Most people who go to open houses are non-buyers, those just looking to satisfy curiosity or to scope out future possibilities.  This makes for a great opportunity for agents to pass out business cards.
  • Don’t just waste a low offer – While this one may seem counter-intuitive, the fact is that you don’t want to give too much push-back on a low offer.  Remember, you can negotiate when armed with the right market knowledge. Plus, you actually have a better chance of selling to a low offer than waiting for a whole new buyer to step up to the plate.  
  • Don’t sign until you’ve read everything – While this is basic common sense, it still needs to be said.  Don’t sign anything until you’ve read EVERYTHING! Too often sellers are taken by surprise by “hidden” fees that were actually in the fine print.  

Remember, it’s all about working with people you trust and can communicate with all throughout the process.  While your agent is a great asset, the power really lies in your hands. So, make the most of your selling opportunity!  

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