5 Key Services that Make Selling a House Easier

For anyone who hopes to quickly sell their home, there’s a long list of steps that need to be taken before your listing ever even hits the market.  From maintenance to organization, if you don’t stay on top of basic tasks before that ‘For Sale’ sign goes up, it’s easy to get stressed and lost in the chaos. Fortunately, there are all kinds of help out there to take the weight off of your shoulders.  

Preparing Your Home to Go On the Market

Whether your home needs a simple cleaning or a heavier overhaul, there are services for hire that can make selling your home a whole lot easier.  So, don’t be afraid to enlist some help. After all, you still have to worry about finding a new home! With the help of some seasoned professionals, your home will be market-ready in no time, and you won’t even have to lose a night’s sleep over it. Here are five key services that are ready to come to your rescue:   

  • Cleaners – The first thing a potential buyer is going to notice when they walk through your front doors is whether or not it has been well maintained. Cleanliness matters! Nothing will turn a buyer’s nose up so fast as filthy carpets, moldy bathrooms, dusty fixtures, stained walls, etc. They don’t want to see the wear and tear from someone else living there.  They just want to see a nice, clean space that they can envision themselves in. We understand that cleaning can be a hefty task, though. So, don’t try to do it all yourself. Hire a professional cleaning service.  They can take on and conquer even the toughest messes, scuffs, scratches, stains and more to make your home sparkle like new, for an impeccable first impression.  
  • Handyman – If you’re entering into the home buying and selling process, then you already know that at some point a certified home inspector will come in to assess your home at the request of a potential buyer.  So, get ahead of anything they could potentially find before your home is even listed. This will save you time, energy and bargaining power down the road. From chipped tiles to clogged plumbing, to new roofing, and beyond, hire a handyman to go through and take care of all of the maintenance issues, and make the necessary repairs now to ensure you present your home in top working order.    
  • Personal Organizers –  Prepping a home for show is no small feat, especially when it comes to organizing your own belongings that will remain in the home while potential buyers walk through.  That’s where hiring a personal organizer comes in. Potential buyers are looking for nice open, airy spaces with no clutter. They don’t want to see your belongings strewn about everywhere.  Fortunately, a personal organizer can come in and help store all of your belongings neatly in closets, storage units, and even help you remove anything in excess, from clothing to furniture. They are experts at storing and staging things to appeal to that desired visual free-flow throughout a home. 
  • Stagers – Once all of your belongings have been neatly tucked away, your next step may be to hire professional stagers to come in and help show off your space in the best possible light.  When presenting your home to potential buyers, the goal is to give the appearance of maximum square footage. They will help you remove and rearrange furniture in a way that really makes the most of a given space, keeping it light and airy, showcasing all of the home’s potential as well as those unique architectural features.  
  • Landscaper – Finally, once the inside of your home has been nicely prepped for show, don’t forget about the outside.  Curb appeal matters! Your home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers are going to see, so make the most of this first impression.  Hire a professional landscaper to shape plants and trees, cut the grass, plant seasonal bulbs, etc. in both the front, back and side yards. This is also the time to give your home and driveway a good power wash, stain the deck, or perhaps even spruce up the front patio.  Really show off your home at its best.  

By recruiting the help of these five key services, you’ll be able to list your home with confidence for a quick, successful sale.  So, do yourself a favor by taking this stress-free approach to selling your home, and save your energy for your own moving day.   

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