How to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with Your Listing Agent

As an experienced Chicago listing agent, I have worked with a wide variety of home sellers with a range of goals. Some wish to sell their home as fast as possible, while others are willing to wait for just the right buyer. Some have a set selling price in mind, while others are content to take the first reasonable offer that is presented. There are so many variables to consider, but one thing remains true in all cases: sellers have to be willing to work with their listing agent to achieve the best possible outcome. Keep the following tips in mind in your collaboration with your Chicago listing agent.

  • Try not to be offended by low ball offers. They’re not insults; it’s simply a case of buyers trying to get the best possible deal. If the offer is not acceptable for you, you can either counter or reject, and move on. Remember that in some instances, buyers may simply be giving themselves room for negotiation. So, countering is usually your best course of action. Give it a shot, and counter with an offer that makes more sense for you.
  • Don’t draw out the process. When you receive an offer, take your time to consider it, but then respond as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you may aggravate your buyer or put your own Realtor in an awkward position. There is no need to wait for the offer’s expiration time and date if you already know how you plan to respond.
  • Be reasonable about repair requests. It’s true that some buyers go overboard in their requests, but in nearly all real estate transactions, repairs will need to be made. Your home has been lived in, after all. Be flexible and willing to make reasonable repairs, and if the buyer’s requests are truly outlandish, counter with the repairs that you would be willing to make.
  • Discuss your expectations up front. If you want your agent to represent your best interests, communication is key. Be sure to share pertinent details right off the bat, such as how long you’ll need to vacate the property, incentives you’re willing to offer buyers, and what factors might be absolute deal-breakers for your transaction. Be sure you are giving your listing agent a chance and the necessary information to speak up on your behalf.

In my years working as a Chicago listing agent, I have seen transactions that went off without a hitch, and I have seen those where sellers create unnecessary obstacles for themselves in the process. No matter what your overarching objectives may be, everyone involved wants to enjoy a smooth, uncomplicated transaction. Open communication with your Realtor is the first step in making that happen.

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