5 Tips for a Successful Spring Listing in Chicago

If you’re ready to put your home on the market this spring, prepare to join a deep sea of listings. This is when so much of our local pent-up buyer and seller demand finally shakes off the winter blues.  So, the big question is this: how can you make your property stand out among the rest? It’s all about location, condition, and price. Those may seem slightly out of your control, but there are several things you can do to set yourself up for a successful spring listing in Chicago.  Here are some tips:

  • Curb appeal matters:  First impressions always matter, especially when it comes to selling a home.  Potential buyers will decide whether or not they want to buy your home within just 60 seconds of pulling up to the curb.  So, make this introduction count. Make sure the yard and porch are tidy, the driveway and walkways are clear, the house is pressure washed, and maybe even add a fresh coat of paint.  As your property will be hitting the market in spring, you might even consider adding some colorful flowers in the beds and windowsills to really make your home pop.
  • Steer clear of clutter:  As you clean the interior of your home, pack, and prepare for showings, be sure to critically pare down those possessions that will remain left out.  Potential buyers don’t want to see clutter, so be sure to keep things simple and neat, even if you’re still living there while selling. It’s best to just pack up anything you want to keep, and store it off-site, like in a storage facility.  Remember, you want your home to appear spacious, so don’t forget those dark corners and especially closets.
  • Make repairs before the inspection:  If you already know that a home inspector is going to find an issue with your home, go ahead and fix it before it causes unnecessary attention and potentially cost you a sale.  Also, it usually costs the seller less to fix things before a home inspector steps in. So, save yourself the time, hassle and extra pocket change before potential buyers ever even see your listing.  
  • Price reasonably but competitively:  Make sure that when you list your home, the price is right and on-track with similar properties in the area.  Remember, buyers are savvy shoppers. If you price too high and have to lower, it can hurt you in the long run.  Similarly, if you price too low, potential buyers may think something’s wrong with your home. So, do your homework, and enlist the help of a professional.    
  • Hire a professional:  It’s important to keep in mind that buyers start their searches online these days, which means that your home sale requires a marketing strategy.  So, enlist the help of a professional. They can help you get a stellar portfolio of photos, videos, and property descriptions together for your listing’s website.  A Realtor® will also help spread the word about your property, and get interested buyers to your doorstep.

A successful spring listing and sale starts with thorough preparation on the seller’s end.  In order to make your home stand out among the rest, you need to be able to turn heads. It all starts with a bit of attentive TLC, taking proactive measures, and enlisting the help of a marketing professional.  

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