Caterpillar Releases Plans to Move Corporate Headquarters to Deerfield IL

In an effort to make its corporate headquarters more convenient for business and to offer a large enough corporate space for more workers, Caterpillar Inc. recently announced that it’s making the move from Peoria to Deerfield. The new location will be just a few minutes away from the O’Hare International Airport and it will be accessible to Chicago via a quick rail ride. This move comes shortly after the company announced that it would be moving around heavy equipment manufacturing tasks as well, and shows that Cat is making some serious changes around the country.

Deerfield is Eager to Welcome Caterpillar Transplants Moving to Deerfield

The company already has a leasing agreement with the Deerfield office park owners for its new headquarters and is planning on moving approximately 100 employees to the new location. The new location is expected to employ around 300 employees by 2018, leaving around 200 open positions for locals to fill in Deerfield.

Why the Move Was Essential

Originally Caterpillar Inc. had plans to build a large complex in Peoria to avoid having to make the move, but challenging market conditions made this plan unfeasible according to the company. That’s why the move to Deerfield became the best option and what ultimately pressed the company into looking for a complex lease agreement that would work. The new location should offer increased space while being conveniently located to major transit hubs. It’s an exciting deal for the company and should pave the way to improved business in the future.

There are Manufacturing Changes as Well

This corporate move comes shortly after Caterpillar Inc. announced that it would be shifting around some of its production jobs, as well. The company announced that it would be moving the manufacturer of large-wheel loaders as well as compactors over to Decatur instead of handling the tasks in Aurora. The company also announced plans to move medium-wheel loader construction tasks over to its plant in North Little Rock Arkansas. That means that about 800 jobs will be moved from Aurora to the new locations where the tasks are going to be completed. Experts assure that around 1,200 office positions will remain at the Aurora facility, though most of the manufacturing jobs are being pushed elsewhere.

Experts say that the new headquarters location should create a more favorable work environment at Cat while making the company generally more accessible. It remains to be seen how all these changes are going to affect the company, but one this is for sure: there will be a large number of corporate jobs available in Deerfield for qualified candidates who are looking for a new position.

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