Features to Look for in a Home if You Love to Entertain

From intimate dinner parties to lavish holiday gatherings, if you love to entertain in your home, then you’ll want to make sure that it comes outfitted with all of the lifestyle features you’re looking for to make entertaining natural and easy!  Whether you’re a seasoned party thrower or a novice, there are a few key elements that should be on your dream list as well as a few that may have slipped your mind. So, let’s take a closer look at some of those can’t miss features your new home should have to keep you and your guests happily basking in the memories for years to come:

  • Kitchen Island – This feature is one of those that’s surely at the top of your dream list.  The kitchen is often the center of the home. And, for those who love to entertain, the kitchen island is the gathering place for people to congregate around.  The key here is that you want a larger island where lots of people can linger around, perch, eat, drink, laugh, and include you in all of the fun while you continue to maneuver with ease around the rest of the room conducting your hosting duties.   
  • Powder Room – An easily accessible powder room on the main floor is a must-have for homes that are sure to see many guests come and go.  This way you have a designated bathroom just for visitors that will not only help them feel more comfortable, but you as you won’t have to worry about wandering eyes in your own personal space.
  • Outdoor Space – All entertainers love a big outdoor space where they can spread out away from a more cramped indoor setting and enjoy the fresh air.  Porches, decks, gazebos, patios, even fire pits are ideal features for frequent entertainers, as they allow you to bring even more dimension to events.  Set up a bar, a grill, and some comfy outdoor seating, and let the good times roll!
  • Storage – Frequent entertainers know that ample storage is an absolute must.  This means seeking out spaces with built-ins, lots of shelving, extra or larger appliances, like refrigerators, stoves, wine refrigerators, etc., as well as expansive counter space, and a walk-in pantry.   
  • Wet Bar – One feature that every entertaining home needs is a wet bar.  This gives you a designated area to store wine, liquors and other party necessities like cocktail napkins, bottle openers, mixers, etc.
  • Parking – While not exactly a part of the action, this is one feature that most often gets overlooked.  But, if you’re looking to entertain guests at your home, they’re going to need someplace to safely and conveniently park when they arrive.  If your home doesn’t come with a sizable driveway or designated parking spots, then you’ll want to make sure you check your local regulations about street parking.     
  • Extra Beds – For those guests that will be staying over, extra beds are essential to ensuring everyone’s comfort.  So, look for a home with a guest room or an office that can easily be converted into a guest room with the help of a wall bed.  

When searching for your dream home, keep these features at the top of your list, especially if part of that dream is entertaining all of your loved ones and making lasting memories.  

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