Mobile Apps That Will Help You Streamline Buying, Selling, and Relocating

It’s no secret that the process of moving is a huge undertaking  You have to research and find a new home, buy a home, sell a home, and then prepare for the move itself!  The entire process requires a lot of careful planning and patience, but with the help of modern technology (and a few handy real estate apps), the process isn’t as painful as it once was.  

So, whether you’re just starting your search for a new home or have already signed the paperwork and are looking for help packing up your old life, there are some fantastic real estate apps available to make your life easier during this most stressful time.  Here are some industry favorites:

Apps for Buying

  • Zillow – Zillow is one of the best known real estate apps out there and one of the top rated for both buying and selling.  This app provides everything from home value estimates to past sale prices on virtually any property across the U.S.  Homeowners can create an account and track estimates and insights over time to best determine when it’s time to make a move.  It also lets you view home prices by location as well as use many other filters to help you find your perfect home.
  • Bigger Pockets – This app offers home buyers lots of free resources to better understand the home buying process.  It’s especially helpful for those new to real estate, providing everything from podcasts, to blog posts, to forums, ebooks, and industry guides.  Homebuyers can learn everything they need to know about buying a home, to how they can increase its value over time, to the best approaches on getting property work done.  
  • RedFin – The RedFin app is another that’s great for both buying and selling, as it’s a brokerage firm.  It offers home estimates and allows users to filter upcoming open houses for an accurate understanding of what buyers can expect from homes in areas of interest.      
  • – is the official search portal for the National Association of Realtors.  This is exactly why it’s a great tool for users, as they get to benefit from the close relationships between Realtors® and the Multiple Listing System.  The app and site are often updated quickly and provide access to a wider range of listed properties.    

Apps for Selling

  • Houzz – If you’re in the process of selling your home and are set to make upgrades or renovations to add value, the Houzz app can help you better determine where you should invest your time and money.  Through the app, you can virtually remodel your home.
  • Homesnap – This app was actually designed for buyers, but it’s also proven to be a valuable tool for sellers.  All users have to do is take a picture of a property, whether it’s one their interested in buying or of their own to sell, and the app will tell you everything you need to know about pricing, estimated value, estimated neighborhood value, and more.

Apps for Relocating

  • Unpakt – As you prepare to relocate to your new home, the Unpakt app helps you book, manage, and pay for your move.  And, you don’t even need to shop around for quotes or fill out multiple forms. You just enter your moving details, and the app provides collected moving prices.  
  • Thumbtack – Through this app, you can hire painters, carpet cleaners, home security companies, interior designers, and more to get your new home in top working order.  
  • Nextdoor – Before you even move in, you can socialize with your new neighbors through the Nextdoor app.  It’s a private social networking app that keeps over 145,000 neighborhoods connected. It’s a great tool for learning more about your new area, hearing about neighborhood events and news, finding local babysitters, and more.  

With these helpful apps in-hand, you can make the entire moving process less stressful, from start to finish, so that you can save energy, time, and money to get on living your exciting, new adventure.  


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